Gaming Tables on the Move

What happens when you purchase one of Table Top Makers’ beautiful handcrafted hardwood tables and then need to move?  

A U-Haul truck

Let’s set the scene. You and your family need a new dining table, but you also play games and have been eyeing gaming tables online. You find Table Top Makers and fall in love with the designs and look of our elegant hardwood tables. You order one or work with Alan on a custom design that fits the looks and needs of your home and family. It’s built and delivered, and you’ve been enjoying gaming and meal times on that beautiful table ever since.

Then life happens. You need a change of pace, your partner gets a new job, or you switch schools; whatever the reason, you need to move. You find a new place to call your own and start the often stressful and arduous moving process. You decide to move everything yourselves to save money rather than hire professionals. You rent a U-Haul with an illustration of a spider on the side (for some reason I don’t fully understand), and you’re ready to load it up with your furniture and drive it to the new place. You have this large gaming table; how do you get it out the door and onto the truck?

Why this specific scenario? Two reasons: the first is that moving is an ordinary life event affecting tens of millions of people yearly in the United States. Hence, having moveable furniture is desirable to most families, just in case a relocation is necessary. The second reason is that I recently experienced this life change and had to figure out how to load up the spider truck with my gaming table.

I own a first-generation TTM gaming table; I got it long before the standard dining room table was christened “The Fighter,” in the current generation. I bring this up to showcase that Alan had people’s moving needs in mind even when Table Top Makers was in its infancy. The tables are surprisingly straightforward to move. The legs detach by unscrewing them or using an allen wrench (depending on your leg style). You can reattach them with similar ease, even for someone like me who uses a toolbox as a paperweight. The bookshelves and couch challenged us more than the dining room table did. And the current generation of legs on all our tables is just as easy, if not easier, to remove to get them into a moving truck. Because the legs are simple to detach, you won’t even break a sweat to get it down a flight of stairs or through a doorway if you want to change its location in your house. Pop the legs off, shift it to where it needs to be, and reattach the legs—done and done.

The wood also handled the move without damage or complications, though I recommend using moving pads to protect the table. It’s still made of wood, and possible to ding or nick it, but if you prepare correctly and have the proper protection, the surface will remain undamaged. A TTM table will fit into a moving truck with plenty of room for your other furniture and boxes.

If you’re seeing a move in your future and you’re wondering if you should get a gaming table right now, or wait, fear not; TTM’s tables are easy to relocate and set up in your new home. Now is the perfect time to purchase a handcrafted hardwood gaming table for your family.

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