Great Relationships with Local Businesses

Local businesses should help and support each other succeed; this grows a good economy and builds strong working relationships with other companies.  Table Top Makers strives to have a great relationship with local businesses. 

Table Top Makers is located in the Grand Rapids area, in Byron Center.  We have a lot of local businesses that we work with and sell our smaller products in, such as our dice trays and Goblin Hives.  However, it’s not necessarily about selling our products but the relationships we’ve formed.  And TTM loves developing working relationships with other local businesses, networking, and creating a love for beautiful, handcrafted hardwood products that can be enjoyed and shared by all.  So we would like to shout out to a few businesses we have a wonderful working relationship with. 

House Rules Board Game Lounge

House Rules is West Michigan's first FLGS with a full bar and lounge with a vast selection of games for sale and beverages for gamers of all ages.  Their lounge includes a full bar, with wine and cocktails, as well as many draft beers and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.  A library of hundreds of games is available for people to browse and play. In addition, they have event nights, including MGT and LBGTQ+ friendly Gaymer Monday, as well as a host of many other fun events.

House Rules sells some of our smaller products, so if you arrive to play games and you don’t have a dice tray, you can purchase a TTM tray right there.  But also, they have some custom builds that Alan was able to make for them, including the sign they have above the bar and the tables you sit at to play games. So if you get the chance, check out House Rules.  It’s an incredible place with friendly people and many board games to try out.  At Grand Con last month, House Rules and Table Top Makers were booth neighbors and they used our display table as a place to teach people some new games. 

Wise Men Distillery

Wise Men is one of the most happening distilleries in the Grand Rapids area.  They have two locations, Grand Rapids and Kentwood, where they sell their own amazing assortment of liquors, including bourbon, spiced rum, white rum, apple pie moonshine, maple moonshine, vodka, and gin.  They make delicious cocktails and even some great mocktails for those who don’t drink.  Wise Men’s welcoming atmosphere and friendly service makes it a great place to enjoy a drink.  Ask about the tour of their distilling process; it’s fascinating.  

Table Top Makers has a great relationship with the owners of Wise Men and have made cocktail smokers for them as well as some other beautiful woodworking and shelving.  Many TTM employees can be found at Wise Men from time to time sipping on a delicious drink or even discussing business.


Table Top Makers works with other businesses and is currently negotiating with other cool places in the greater Grand Rapids area.  Soon you may find a Table Top Makers gaming table in one of your local FLGS!  

Having good working relationships with local businesses is a great way to stay connected to the community and help each other grow and succeed. So contact Alan if you’re a business owner in the greater Grand Rapids area and want to spruce up your establishment with some beautiful new wooden furniture; he’ll love to talk to you.

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