Happy Holidays from Table Top Makers

Wooden table with many gifts on it with "Happy Holidays" written in script.

The holidays are here, and with it comes the stereotypical, obligatory holiday-themed blog post!

The holidays are a great time for many people.  They’re a heartwarming season of spending time with family, giving gifts to those you love, and more food than you can eat in a single sitting.  There’s an increased sense of joy and compassion leading people to contemplate their place in the world and how they can improve it, along with putting smiles on loved ones' faces.  Christmas music plays on every radio station, Santas are out ringing bells, and most people have lighthearted feelings despite the holidays' stresses.

But one thing that brings people together every holiday in every culture is the feasts created and devoured by old and young alike.  Dishes, desserts, sides, and fixings, there’s usually a struggle over where to put all that food.  And at the center of every family meal time, whether for the holidays or everyday dinners, is a dining room table for everyone to sit around.

What’s better than getting together with family and friends for the holidays to enjoy a wonderful—and often quite large—meal?  After eating, people often clear the table and help load the dishwasher together before sitting back down to play games.  It could be simple board games like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride or more complex games like Xia: Legends of a Drift System or Scythe.  Maybe fun family card games like Uno, Five Crowns, or Skip-Bo.  There are even party games such as Superfight or Balderdash.  Or, after the kids go to bed, maybe a twisted game of Cards Against Humanity.  Whatever games you and your loved ones want to play, Table Top Makers’ dining room-sized table, The Fighter, is a perfect size for family interaction.

The beautiful hand-crafted hardwood looks stunning in any dining room setting and offers an elegant dinnertime experience.  When you’re finished eating, simply remove the top and enjoy the inset gaming area.  When you’re ready for dessert, simply return the top, leaving the game untouched, and enjoy the second feast of pies, ice creams, cakes, and cookies.  Finally, when you’re ready to continue playing, remove the top again, and your game is waiting for you just the way you left it.  

Table Top Makers values family as much as it values gaming.  So, if the dining room table is the center of most family gatherings, use one that can provide an incredible gaming experience just as it does for a memorable feasting one.

All of us at Table Top Makers wish you and your family a joyful, peaceful, and happy holiday and a wonderful New Year!

What games do you like to play with your friends and family when you gather for the holidays?   Let us know in the comments below.

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