Here There Are Dragon’s Eggs

Table Top Makers offers several dice trays and boxes, but none are as fascinating as the Dragon’s Eggs.

Dragons are cool.  There’s a reason why so many myths, ancient stories, movies, television shows, novels, and games include dragons in one form or another.  People are fascinated by the incredibly dangerous, often highly magical beasts.  Whether European or Eastern varieties, benevolent or cruel, intelligent or animalistic, dragons capture the imagination.  And with the dragons come their eggs, which can be just as fascinating.

Dragon’s eggs have been used repeatedly in storytelling as a catalyst or MacGuffin, often found or stolen, to give the characters something to fear and love.  So naturally, the best advice anyone could ever give to a fictional character who finds a dragon’s egg is to leave it alone, as it will always lead to complicated and dangerous outcomes.  However, in real life, if you see a Table Top Makers Dragon’s Egg dice box, I suggest you grab it as quickly as possible; you won’t regret it, and it will give your gaming experience some draconic flair.

The Dragon's Egg is a beautiful, handcrafted hardwood box designed to store a standard set of dice and keep them safe and secure, regardless of whether they’re plastic, metal, or stone.  It can also securely hold a character mini.  Strong neodymium magnets will hold the lid in place to ensure it won’t pop off in storage or transit.  It comes in the various types of wood that TTM offers, and you can order it with or without the scaled pattern.  It would be an excellent addition to your RPG spread. 

When we were at GrandCon in September, we had several Dragon’s Eggs in our front-line products and many in our Battleworn series.  They sold out quickly.  Everyone who came to our table picked one up and examined it and enjoyed the look and feel of them; the scaled pattern was a hit.  Many asked whether we have more of them or in different woods.

If you want to purchase a Dragon’s Egg dice box, they are available to order. You can get them with or without scales and in various wood types.  They’re stylish, beautiful, and easy to carry around.  If you like unique dice boxes that will turn some heads, this one is for you!

What’s your favorite style of dice box?  Let us know in the comments below.

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