How Our Small Website Changes Affect You

Online shopping

If you didn’t see a change to the website, you didn’t miss it. It was subtle and only served to make ordering easier.

If you haven’t visited the Table Top Makers website recently, and this is your first visit in a while, welcome back! We missed you. Have you checked out the Dragon’s Egg yet? If you’re looking for overt changes to the look and feel of the website, you won’t notice one. However, it’s now much easier to order a standard table than ever before. You may not have seen the difference unless you visit handcrafted, hardwood, geeky furniture sites and play around with their shopping cart mechanics (no judgment here if that’s your hobby). That’s why we’re telling you about it.  

Table Top Makers is a relatively small operation for the number of tables we build to fulfill orders. Still, even though we’re not a major manufacturer, a lot of work gets done consistently. When the website first launched, a lot needed to be tweaked over time to make it more user-friendly. Alan started TTM by himself, and as the company grew, he had to learn as he went along. He had to guess and adjust the mechanics of online shopping for his products over the years, and the more he learned by trial and error, the more things improved.  

But now, we’re pleased to inform you that ordering a standard table is easier than ever! Now you can see how much each add-on—such as LED lights and cup holders—will cost when you apply them to your order. You’ll see the price difference between the various hardwoods offered, like ash, oak, and walnut, to name a few, as you click on them. Please note that chairs are not considered an add-on and aren’t on the list with the tables, but you can add chairs to any order as a separate product.  

These changes to the website are for ordering our standard tables. However, many of our customers want bespoke orders; tables with specific dimensions or shapes, more exotic woods, or unique design elements. If you want to order a customized table built with particular specifications, you’ll need to discuss precisely what you’re looking for with Alan through the form on the Contact Us page. Prices on these custom tables vary based on the build. Alan has worked with many people on beautiful and impressive custom builds, so if you’re looking “non-standard,” don’t let that discourage you from choosing Table Top Makers.

But if you are looking for something standard, we build those with as much care and attention to detail as with our custom-design tables; you will not be disappointed.

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