The Halfling Redesigned

Table Top Makers’ gamer-friendly coffee table has been redesigned and is better than ever. Let us show you what’s changed.

The Halfling Coffee Table

What do you usually imagine when you picture a typical living room set? A couch and loveseat with throw pillows around a coffee table that generally has coasters, trinkets, magazines, or even books may come to mind. People might enjoy a light lunch or snacks at it. Families often play smaller games at the coffee table, clearing it off to challenge each other at cards or a board game, or even slap a map down on it for a session of D&D

The coffee table is the central feature of most living rooms. Family and friends place drinks on it—with coasters, of course—sit around and talk or play games. The living room is made whole by the presence of a coffee table. Why not have a beautiful hardwood table that can double as a gamer table for the living room?

The Halfling has been Table Top Maker’s coffee table-sized product for a long time, but recently the design received an overhaul, and it’s better than ever! It’s still the perfect-sized coffee table for any living room. However, the table increased by 6” on the x and y dimensions to accommodate bigger games.   

The Halfling may be small and unobtrusive, but it’s always ready for a grand adventure. It’s now a 36” x 42” coffee table that stands 18” tall with a 30” x 36” x 2.5” vault. It’s a gorgeous table that functions as simple but decorative in the center of your living room that you can transform into a gaming table for an impromptu gaming night. The Halfling is perfect for 2-4 players. 

But you might be asking, “Besides the size of the table, what else changed?” Optional slide-out drawers! You can add these drawers to the Halfling to enhance your gaming experience by having a place to put a character sheet or gaming components, as well as a drink holder, so you don’t use valuable gaming surfaces for your beverage. These smartly crafted drawers smoothly slide back into place when you’re finished playing, and if you want to continue to game later on, replace the lid and return to it when you’re ready.  

The Halfling Coffee Table Drawers Out

The new and improved TTM Halfling coffee table is designed to make your living room gaming experience much more manageable. It’s also perfect for people who enjoy puzzling while watching TV. When finished, they replace the lid without disturbing the puzzle in the vault.

The Halfling is perfect if you’re looking for a new, elegant, hardwood coffee table to spruce up your living room and have an excellent gaming spot. It’s small, but it’s not insignificant.

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