We’re Looking to the Future in 2023

It’s a new year, and Table Top Makers has many amazing plans for the company's future and the products we offer.

Happy New Year!  It’s 2023, and we’re still busy building tables and filling orders here at Table Top Makers.  But while that’s happening, Alan and Mark are hard at work thinking of ways to improve their designs and processes and create new small products.  2023 will be a big year for TTM, and several creative ideas are in the works.  Here’s a basic rundown of what we’re planning this year.

New Sponsorships:

Table Top Makers sponsors several local businesses and provides some of our products for them to use and sell in their stores and locations.  This year we’re adding two local YouTube channels to that list, Dungeons and Magi and D20 Tales.  Dungeons and Magi will use some of our Table Top Traveling Trays in their videos and give away some of our small items.  D20 Tales did some filming with one of our demo tables but will receive a custom table designed to work for them and their filming needs. More details on these channels will come later, so watch for that.

Website Revamp

The Table Top Makers website got a minor overhaul.  It’s not something you’d notice right away, but there are new features when placing your orders, specifically when ordering a table.  You can now customize what kind of wood and style of legs your table will have and whether you want cup holders or a power supply.  As a result of these changes, ordering a table is easier than it’s ever been before.


Table Top Makers will be a vendor at GrandCon Gaming Convention again this year.  September 1-3, 2023.  TTM has been involved with GrandCon for years and is excited to be going back again.  We love interacting with people and seeing their faces light up when they see our tables and chairs.  We will have a bunch of our small products with us again, including some of the newer products announced below.  

On top of that, there’s a chance that TTM will be making an appearance at a few other conventions this year, but we will provide details on those when we have more information to present.  

New Products:

There are always new products we’re cooking up, and this year we plan to launch many new things that will soon be available for purchase.  There’s no official release date for when any of these will be finished and released, but there are several terrific ideas we’ll be working on this year.  Such as:

Magic: The Gathering Deck Boxes: MTG is one of the biggest games in the world.  And MTG players love to protect their cards.  Table Top Makers is working on designing a beautiful wooden deck box for MTG or any other CCG or TCGs you might want deck boxes for.  Mark, an avid MTG player himself, has been working on the design, and we’re excited to be able to offer it as part of our future line of products.

Contact Dice Towers: Dice towers are a favorite of TTRPG players.  Any game where you need to roll many shiny math rocks will have player itching for dice boxes.  But most dice boxes are big and bulky and hard to transport.  That’s where Table Top Makers come in.  We are working on a magnetic contact dice tower that can also store 7 standard dice.  So, not only will you be able to break down the hardwood tower for easy storage and transport, but it will also hold dice.  It’s like a dice box and a dice tower in one!

Personalized Party Flight Trays: It’s common for adult RPGers to enjoy a tasty potation while playing together.  The Table Top Makers Personal Party Flight Tray will feature etched shot glasses of the classes in party makeup and can feature “The Party” or even the name of your specific group CNCed on the flight tray.  This will be a fun addition to your group, especially if you enjoy hosting and providing alcoholic beverages for them.

Modular GM Screens: Nothing makes a game master look more in charge and legit than an epic hand-crafted hardwood GM screen, and Table Top Makers is gearing up to create a modular-style GM screen with many different options, such as dry-erase boards, clipboards, magnetic boards, and so much more.  You can create a GM screen that perfectly fits your personality and play style.

New Hardwood Chairs: We’ve offered chairs with our tables for a while, but soon we will have a non-cushioned style.  It will have the same seat storage as our other line of chairs, so you can keep small games or character sheets protected and stored away.  But, if you like the sleek all-wood look, these new chairs will perfectly compliment your dining room table.  

This list isn’t everything we have planned for 2023, but we want there to be some surprises.  Other ideas are floating around, but these are what we can tell you about right now.  Future posts will highlight some of these new developments at Table Top Makers.  So be sure to check back to get more information.

Which of these future 2023 projects are you the most excited about?  Let us know in the comments below.

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