Why You Want a Vault Table

Vault tables are an excellent way to bring your gaming experiences to the next level.

Let's just get down to brass tacks.  Any table can be used for gaming.  Plain and simple.  No way to dance around that.  Depending on the type and size of the game you’re playing, you may need different sizes of tables, but generally speaking, if you have a card table, a dining table, a coffee table, a countertop, or even a TV tray, you can play games on it.  You only need a large enough flat surface to accommodate the game's play area. 

But a vault table, like the handcrafted hardwood beauties made by Table Top Makers, does so much more than provide a surface on which to play games.  It creates a space for your game that won’t interfere with its other duties as a table and look great while doing so!  For example, The Fighter is 44” X 62” X 4”, with a surprisingly large gaming vault with 32” x 50” x 2 ¼” of playing area that will be perfect for any game.

Vault tables provide a dedicated playing area but still have room for drinks, snacks, and gaming accessories, such as tokens, meeples, and coins.  With the lid, you can quickly and easily store your game away and still use the table without boxing it or committing to the daunting and frustrating task of moving it to another spot without messing up the board.

Say you have a day of gaming planned.  You and four of your friends are getting together Saturday morning for an all-day marathon of Legacy Risk, Dungeons & Dragons, or even a high-stakes game of Clue.  You got the drinks and snacks, and your partner decided to prepare a nice lunch.  Everyone arrives, you have a good time catching up, then gather around the table to begin.  The game is going well, and people are having fun.  Lunchtime comes around, and instead of having to move the whole game or try to eat in the living room with limited space, you simply place the top back on your TTM table and eat.  When you’ve finished your meal, you clear the table, remove the top again, and voilà, you’re back to playing in moments.

In the wise and immortal words of infomercial announcers everywhere, “but wait, there’s more!”  There is a myriad of ways where having a vault table might be helpful.  First, many puzzlers like to complete giant, complicated jigsaws but don’t have a lot of room for it.  Sometimes you’re playing a role-playing game and have to end a session mid-battle or mid-dungeon crawl, and it’s easier to leave everything out so you can continue the following week. Finally, many people enjoy playing long-term legacy games and need a place to store them so they don’t have to unbox them every session.  Those are just a few situations where having a vault table would come in handy.  

You can also get cup holders for your drinks, power outlets with USB connections right at the table, and LED lights to make games more immersive, all built right into the table.  In addition, you can include a neoprene mat inside the vault to give the table a Vegas look while providing a softer surface for quiet dice rolling or easy card pickup.  And if you order chairs to go with your table, they provide extra storage under the seats!  

Table Top Makers’ handcrafted hardwood tables are beautiful and stylish.  They look great in any room in the house, and we make many different styles of tables and even take custom orders if you’re looking for something extra special and unique.  If you want to try a vault table, Table Top Makers has got you covered.

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